Are you ready to bear your right to Free Speech without fear of censure, cancellation or intimidation?

  • Post and Comment on messages, images, and links that promote and protect those unalienable rights contained in the United States Constitution.
  • Distribute quality and credible information that will instill patriotism and the love of country to all readers and viewers.
  • Circulate verified statistics, facts, and figures that present context to current news and public events.
  • Access information from conservative, independent, and liberal influencers who are fair and balanced in their reports.

Ace S.

"There is power in numbers and we must join forces to overcome the lies and deception that the tech giants and state-run-media are trying to foist on us. To tell the truth, I was skeptical that there was a platform that could compete with the existing social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, but I was wrong.When I gained access to BearRight and its interactive platform, I quickly learned that I could read current news and content from people just like me that was uncensored or mislabeled.With my Personal Page and access to the Income Sharing Network, not only can I view and post great content, I have the opportunity to share in the advertising revenue from the BearRight platform. Yes, BearRight is the ideal base to join and stand together!"

Wendy B.

"I never imagined that I would be forced to find another alternative to Facebook and Twitter as I have been a die-hard enthusiast for years.But when these huge tech giants began wielding such immense power to shut down free speech, I knew there must be something else.When I joined BearRight I quickly found that I had complete freedom to express my views and opinions, regardless of my political affiliation.BearRight is the solution to cancel culture and it also gives me my very own personal page where I can communicate with family and friends.All I can say is that my decision to join the BearRight movement has given me the freedom to say what I want, when I want and to who I want!"

Phil U.

"At first, posting on Facebook was good. Then things started to change. Everything began to divide into two camps, conservative and liberal. I thought my opinion mattered, but what happened shocked me. People wouldn't allow me to express my opinion. They wanted to force me to believe the way they felt, and my posts were taken down. Friends and other family members ended up in Facebook prison just for having a different position than the cancel culture. I believe in Free Speech and became more frustrated with the big tech companies trying to take it away. So, when I heard about BearRight, I was excited about a social media platform that supports the constitution instead of changing it. I now have a place where my opinion is valued, whether it is agreed with or not. Thanks, BearRight."